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Teaching Tips

Tips for Teaching Handwashing

  • Consider creating a handwashing chart that tracks each time the child washes their hands. Perhaps they receive a prize or reward at the end of a good handwashing week.
  • Take pictures of places germs live, especially in areas kids would frequently touch, such as their iPad or tablet, doorknobs or fridge handles, and post them near sinks, on the refrigerator or near the handwashing chart. This will serve as a reminder of when they need to wash their hands.
  • To help kids wash their hands for a full 20 seconds, have them count to 10 twice or sing the Scrub Club® handwashing song together.
  • Print each of the Germy Villain coloring pages and have the child color them. Then tape them to everything the child touches in a 30-minute timeframe. It will help them visualize how they themselves pick up and spread bacteria and viruses.
  • Cook or talk about cooking a meal with the child, emphasizing the importance of washing their hands before, during and after.

Teacher’s Guide

We’ve provided a handy teacher's guide with a sample two-day lesson plan you can use along with information about handwashing and activities.

Lesson Plan

We’ve compiled some sample lesson plans for Kindergarten through 3rd grade using the Health Smart lesson planning tool with alignment to the Common Core Standards focusing on healthy behavior outcomes. These lesson plans incorporate Scrub Club materials around hand hygiene and germs.

Used a lesson plan, or have your own and want to share? We appreciate your feedback. Email or give us a call a +1 800 673 8010.


We’ve worked with our in-house scientists and experts to find some fun demonstrations around handwashing. Adults can do them with kids at home or at school. Adults could also create a video of themselves doing the demonstration, and use it with kids as a teaching guide.

We welcome your suggestions for demonstrations you have done in your classroom or at home. Please email them to